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cannabis participation


Medicine and nutrition

MEDICAL  is the department that researches, combats and cures diseases and ailments. As one of the oldest cultivated plants with over 400 different active ingredients, cannabis is ideal as medicine and food.


Relaxation & everyday life

Recreational cannabis products are for people who like to use cannabis to relax or just occasionally in company. Whether flowers, sweets or drinks that Products are an ideal companion for everyday life.


Participation in the market

Participation should give people the opportunity to own a cannabis plant without having to worry about it themselves and thus benefit from the billion-dollar cannabis market worldwide. You help us to grow - we take care of the equipment, the cultivation and the sale - you benefit from our know-how.

the innovative cannabis revolution from Switzerland


Cannerald is a Swiss cannabis research and production company that is one of the world's top providers in this promising market segment.

The company was founded in 2017 and the philosophy is to manufacture the highest quality cannabis and the products made from it and to make it socially acceptable throughout Europe including Switzerland.

The company does not see itself to strive for the classic profit maximization but as a partner and sponsor of the entire industry. The goals of this company include growth on various levels: Not only the economic future is capitalized, but also the interest in transforming the cannabis market for the benefit of everyone, including the unique quality. Enlightenment is carried out on this grandiose topic and legitimation. And everyone is given the opportunity to participate thanks to the lucrative options that this future market offers.

Thus everyone is given the chance to actively participate in the development of this new and exciting market.

This is an industry that is not only very lucrative, but what is even more important, to sustainably improve the quality of life and health of millions of people through high-quality cannabis and CBD in a unique quality. This is underpinned by strong demand in the medical field.

In Germany alone, around 100,000 prescriptions for the receipt of medical cannabis are currently issued each year, but the goods still have to be laboriously imported from abroad.

From the growth process of the plants to harvesting and processing, the Cannerald company takes on everything in-house and under the highest quality standards.


Quality and certification

The main center is located close to Bern on 1,500 square meters and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Since the demand is so great, it is already being built on another property.


The company is also currently working on the special GMP certification (Good Manufacturing Practice = guidelines for quality assurance of production processes and the environment, including pharmaceuticals and food) for the entire plant. For you as an investor, this means that you can be sure of the Cannerald has all the necessary certificates to be able to operate legally.

You get a modern online portal through which you can manage and view everything!

Your plants are listed there, the harvest yield and profit are broken down and you can even see the room in which your plants are on a live cam.

You acquire one or more plants that are raised, cared for, harvested, processed and sold in the care of Cannerald. The yield of the harvest (approx. 5 times / year, each time approx. 70g per plant) is split 50/50 between you and the company and credited to your account. A small flat rate of approx. 25 euros / harvest for electricity, salaries, fertilizer, water, etc. is still deducted. After the harvest, a seedling is taken from each of your plants and grown again, giving you ongoing passive income in a rapidly growing market.

As soon as this fantastic product is also approved in Germany, there is also the option of having the harvest yield sent to you at home, for self-consumption or for sale to other suppliers.

Of course, all plants are protected and insured.


Elon Musk has it with Tesla demonstrated and shown how you can successfully open up a new market with courage, determination and a little luck and even make long-established industrial giants work up a sweat. But as is so often the case in the history of relevant market revolutions, Europe is on the verge of missing out on a major opportunity and missing out on a promising industry. An industry that is not only lucrative, but - and this is an even more important aspect - can sustainably improve the quality of life and health of millions of people. The need for medical cannabis and hemp products, CBD, CBG and other THC precursors is growing rapidly. Locally, the demand in Europe cannot even come close to being met in sufficient quality - supply bottlenecks are currently being reported repeatedly even from Canada. The demand for effective, medicinal cannabis is currently increasing so rapidly that an end is hardly in sight.

Did you know that in Germany alone there are currently around 100,000 recipes for obtaining medical cannabis are exhibited and most of the goods have to be imported from abroad? While the market in Canada and the USA is already very saturated, it offers very promising potential in Germany and the entire EU and is waiting to be tapped. 

The cannabis market continues to develop at an ever faster pace and is increasingly socially acceptable again after years of propaganda and prohibition. As has often been the case recently, the Americas set the trend this time around, with Uruguay being the first country to fully legalize cannabis. After legalization in California and Canada, the wave spilled over to Europe, where Switzerland is a pioneer (CBD cultivation without a license possible). More and more people want to participate in the cannabis market and also own their own plant. Over time, however, it turns out that there are three main problems:

Strict but also unclear regulations: Every country has different laws and in most countries the law is so blurry that it is not clear what is legal or illegal under the law. The regulations sometimes do not correspond to the real procedures of the authorities, which repeatedly leads to serious problems.

High financial risk: Depending on how professionally you want to grow, the costs can run into several million euros.

Lack of know-how: Each plant needs special treatment. From the irrigation and lighting system to the final sale, a deep knowledge is required.


As a young company that has already successfully mastered the start-up phase, Cannerald has some ambitious goals for the future. The company would like to "grow" on different levels: In addition to plans for an economic future on the European and international market, the interest is above all of the general public. With a concept that is unique worldwide, it wants to transform the cannabis market for the benefit of all people and both customers and business partners with real “Swiss Made” quality convince sustainably.

And actions count more than just words here: The company is committed to cannabis education and the legitimation of the plant as a remedy in modern medicine in the EU. The public should be well informed about the topic of cannabis. By founding a community as well as interesting posts and blogs on social media channels, the aim is to help ensure that the positive potential of cannabis is finally recognized.

The framework for the legalization of cannabis should be made possible through tireless lobbying. Ultimately, everyone should have the opportunity to participate in the exciting and lucrative options that this multi-layered future market offers.


Cannerald stands up for the many sick people who can often be helped better with medical cannabis than with harmful drugs. It is also committed to serving the multitude of scientists and doctors who have been fighting for years for recognition of the efficacy and benefits of cannabis. And last but not least, with its work it is also committed to you and your normalized and socially accepted access to cannabis products of all kinds. Because it believes that self-determination and education must go hand in hand.

How is the yield calculated?

Each virtually sold plant on the online platform represents an actual space in the Cannerald grow room. The company offers the service to use this space to the full extent for the cultivation and care of a "CBD plant" and to manage it accordingly. This plant is harvested every 2-3 months. The running costs are deducted from the total yield of the harvest, the net profit is divided between Cannerald and the participant (50% | 50%). This is already included and deducted from the yield calculation for the respective packages.


€1485 (incl. 7,7% VAT)




Harvest yield *:

35g CBD

Estimated distribution per harvest:


* every 2-3 months

* for lifetime


€14850 (incl.7.7% VAT)




Harvest yield *:

350g CBD

Estimated distribution per harvest:


* every 2-3 months

* for lifetime


€74250 (including 7.7 VAT)




Harvest yield *:

1750g CBD

Estimated distribution per harvest:


* every 2-3 months

* for lifetime

* The amount harvested depends on the variety, fertilizer, irrigation and many other factors. The harvest can vary between 5g and 60g. We calculate with an average price of 2 EUR per gram. This price can also go up or down, depending on the offers. Cannerald cannot guarantee purchase / sale of the harvest, but always tries to get enough offers and to produce the best possible quality. Every plant sold virtually on the online platform represents an existing space in the grow room.



The heart of Cannerald is only 30 minutes by car from the Swiss capital Bern. The headquarters for the revolution of the European cannabis market are located here on approx. 1500 m². In addition to the usual office and administration rooms, the latest technology for growing cannabis plants has also found its way here. But here, too, the full potential is far from being exhausted - because in addition to the constant further development of our plant cultivation, we are currently working flat out on the GMP certification of the entire plant worked.


How long does it take to get the harvest from a plant?

The plants are harvested every 2-3 months, depending on many factors (irrigation, pollution, fertilizer, ...). When we have longer growing times, the results are also more positive.

Do I have to buy a new plant if my plant dies?

No, the plant dies after every harvest. We get our running costs from the harvest and manage new plants at no additional cost to you.