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MarketPeak is a tokenized assets & education platform and has been on the market since May 2019.

Since then, the company has developed extremely well and has already built a large community. The company's own PEAK token is tracked by Coinmarketcap and is already listed on 6 exchanges: Coinsbit, P2PB2B, Bibox, Uniswap, Probit & Balancer.

In addition to some functions on MarketPeak, this also serves as a means of payment. There is a cooperation with ivendPay, in whose payment system the PEAK token has been integrated via the DeFi app. IvendPay is very popular in a large number of shops and ATMs, especially in Asia.

In addition to the exchanges mentioned, it is of course available directly on MarketPeak when purchasing a membership package at a special price through the so-called Minting Program. The PEAK tokens received can be sent to the decentralized wallet and safely stored there.


How can I invest at MarketPeak and how many profits are possible here?

On the one hand, it is possible to invest in the PEAK token. This is possible via a membership package, which of course allows you to benefit from the entire ecosystem, which is certainly very interesting for the future. Here you receive PEAK tokens worth up to 184% of the package value over 32 months (at the price of the purchase date!) And also benefit from the price gain (long-term goal of 2 $ by 2022). In addition, there are of course various training courses such as B. on the topics of cryptocurrencies and portfolio construction. An investment of 125 $ - 15,000 $ is possible.

You can also invest in the various tokenized assets, more on this below ...


The goals for MarketPeak and the ecosystem around the PEAK token

The goals for the PEAK ecosystem are a PEAK price of 0.75 $, to become at least the second largest DeFi app and the completion of the decentralized platform for funds by the end of 2020. Here the main product will be a decentralized fund for cryptocurrencies, which is a very innovative one Concept promises.

Conclusion: The DeFi market is developing rapidly and attracting more and more interest. The PEAK ecosystem is here with an extremely well thought-out concept to play a major role in this market and to position itself very well right from the start. For these reasons, an investment is currently very interesting, as the opportunities in this market are enormous.

This is how it works

More investment opportunities

Tokenized Assets

You can also invest in the various tokenized assets listed on the platform, such as: B. a masternode pool. Various products are available here, with returns of up to 10% per month being possible. Since everything is real products, no fixed return can of course be guaranteed. Due to the principle of tokenization, investments from 100 $ are made available to you, which are normally reserved for institutional investors. All products are designed to be completely passive for the investor, which means you have no additional effort between buying and selling the investment.

You can easily invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum & Tether. It is also possible to pay for membership packages by credit card or bank transfer. Register for free, verify yourself with your identification document and select the desired product and payment method. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us directly.


The investment options at a glance:

  • PEAK tokens via a membership package or minting: You get PEAK tokens worth up to 184% of the package value and also benefit from possible price gains (long-term goal until 2022: 2$)
  • Tokenized assets with possible returns of up to 10% per month (the detailed descriptions of the three products can be viewed in the dashboard after registration)
    • Cryptocurrency hedge fund (Bitphoenix)
    • Masternodepool (Masterpool)
    • Gold mine project (gold mine)

The PEAK tokens and other assets can be stored securely and decentrally via the DeFi Wallet.

the peak defi-wallet

The decentralized Defi app for IOS and Android was launched in August 2020. These features are already included or will be included gradually until Q4 2020:

  • Wallet for all ERC-20 tokens and digital collectibles
  • Transaction overview & portfolio value in USD and ETH including percentage change over the last 24 hours
  • Sending and receiving of ERC-20 tokens
  • Use of QR codes
  • 4 languages are available (English, Russian, Vietnamese and Chinese).
  • "Watch-Mode “: Observation of ETH addresses
  • Multiple wallets.
  • Exchange of tokens directly in the wallet via an integrated decentralized exchange (DEX)
  • Purchase of cryptocurrencies (e.g. Ethereum) via credit card
  • DeFi tab: all DeFi protocols such as B. Maker, Compound, Aave and of course Peak-DeFi can be used (absolute unique selling point of the app)
  • Staking platform

features of the market peak platform

Ease of use & responsive design

The platform is user-friendly as it has a clean design and a well-structured interface that works on all devices.

Best conditions

Through our partnerships you benefit from the best conditions for projects and products that you would normally not get.

Safe and reliable

Regular updates and controls are carried out to ensure the greatest possible security and a stable platform.

Human resources, education and easy communication

Online coaching and live webinars enable organic growth and community building. You have a variety of internal communication options that increase your reach.

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