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... thanks to the blockchain revolution, the multi-billion dollar markets of crowdfunding, crypto, payment systems and global infrastructures have been reinvented and offer investors unprecedented opportunities.

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The topic of crowdfunding (in German “swarm financing”) should meanwhile be familiar to everyone. This means, for example, that projects or start-up companies can receive funds from a large number of investors in order to be able to cover the required start-up capital. The problem here is that, on the one hand, a start-up company will most likely have to surrender a percentage of the company to the investors and, on the other hand, the investors have the risk of total loss if the project fails. And 90% of all start-ups fail.

PLATINUM HERO has revolutionized the topic of crowdfunding with the latest blockchain technology. The topic of blockchain is becoming more and more important in the world and large companies such as IBM, Shell, SIEMENS, DHL, HSBC and many more. have already implemented this in themselves. 

However, since this technology offers endless possibilities, PLATIN HERO was able to take advantage of this to create a worldwide risk-free financing platform. This enables a start-up or a project owner to receive funds from so-called “supporters” without these “supporters” having a financial risk. This works through the so-called proof-of-stake process or “staking”. Due to the mathematical protocol of this blockchain, the so-called “freezing” of digital coins results in a distribution of newly created digital coins of 30%. These 30% newly created coins are intended for the start-up or the project owner. The digital coins frozen for this remain in the personal digital purse - the wallet - of the "supporter" from start to finish, so that he does not have any risk at any time. After the financing period (at least 6 months), these digital coins will be free again and if the project is successfully financed, the supporter will also receive 10% extra digital coins. This means a win-win situation for everyone involved, because the project owner can enjoy a larger number of supporters, as these have no risk compared to conventional crowdfunding and the supporters receive 10% returns on the digital money provided if the financing is successful .

This revolution in the crowdfunding sector has already enabled many projects to be implemented, especially in the charity sector. The strong community of around 600,000 people immediately managed to finance the first two charity projects within a week. (see the following thank you video!)

The question is: what can this revolution achieve in this world?

You as a supporter or someone who also wants to start a project or several have incredible opportunities here. In the future, let us advise you on site in the large offices in Berlin, Dubai, Moscow and Mexico City.

PLATIN HERO works through its own revolutionized blockchain and its own coin, the PLC. It can also only work with this combination of technologies, because other technologies do not offer these requirements. This PLC has already risen by 5000% and offers investors the opportunity to tap into several passive sources of income and also to participate in an even greater increase in value.

What makes this coin and what the goal is, read below:


The slightly different cryptocurrency

PLATINCOIN has set itself the goal of becoming a worldwide payment method that is safe and easy. With patented technologies, a steadily growing community, a global infrastructure and a completely legal and transparent concept, there are lucrative investment opportunities here. Between 2018 and 2020, the value of the PLC increased by 5000% and its price is fixed through cooperation with stock exchanges, large platforms, payment providers and company strategies so that it does not fall, but can rise steadily. As a result, the price is not volatile, as is the case with Bitcoin, but rises like a staircase and remains stable at the same time. This is not a speculative object, but a real means of payment, which is attractive for every trader due to its stability.


The MINTING process specially created by PLATINCOIN replaces the environmentally harmful MINING, which is required for other crypto currencies to build consensus and create coins. MINTING makes it possible to generate a guaranteed yield (return) daily, monthly or annually with the power consumption of a normal smartphone.

The newly created coins go directly to the patented PLC wallet, which is unique due to its simplicity, security and file size.


readys at the beginning of 2021 there were over 600,000 people who already own PLC and are participating in MINTING. Countless numbers are added every day around the world, so that 5 million members can be expected by the end of 2021.


In order to make the PLATINCOIN usable, a huge, global infrastructure is currently being built. This is done by connecting dealer networks, specially developed POS terminals and crypto ATMs, setting up a large own online shop, our own payment system and there are also several secret projects that have never been seen before in the crypto world.

The aim is that everyone in the world can pay with the PLATINCOIN anywhere. This has to be simple and transparent.

Financial market & legality

The big shortcoming of many crypto currencies or companies that deal with crypto currencies is that they are either in the illegal area or in a gray area. As a result, hundreds of companies have already disappeared from the market. This new area also offers a great platform for fraudulent companies, snowball and Ponzi schemes, where many people have already lost money.

PLATINCOIN has therefore strived for absolute legality from the start and has kept this to this day. This includes a proper verification process according to banking standards, as well as an imprint, your own compliance and registered company headquarters.

How can I participate?

Minting & Blockchain Shares

As a customer, you have the option of purchasing so-called technology packages. You have up to three passive sources of income at your disposal:

  • 1. MINTING BOT: The company's technology generates new PLCs every day for 36 months using the MINTING process, which you can transfer and use directly in your PLC wallet.

  • 2. MINTING FARM: This is a smartphone app which, as a digital savings account, generates 30% on the content per year and is available for a total of 10 years. Guaranteed by a decentralized blockchain system, this is completely independent of companies or people. With revolutionary “Smart Contracts”, that is, clever contracts with the blockchain alone, the income is secure and belongs exclusively to you as an app or wallet owner.

  • 3. BLOCKCHAIN SEATS: You have the option of becoming a shareholder in this blockchain and receiving so-called blockchain seats. What does that mean? Each transaction on the blockchain costs transaction fees of 0.5%, which are deducted from the sum of the PLC transferred. These fees are spread across all available and active blockchain slots. As the owner of one or more seats, you will receive exactly these payments every month or quarter. This passive income is endless as you are the owner of a place and those places can only stop when the blockchain is gone and in turn this can only be the case when there is no more internet. In addition, the places are inheritable as possessions.

The opportunity to participate in second and third is only available with the LIMITED EDITION technology packages, which are only available for a short time.

Regardless of these three income opportunities, there is the possibility of massively participating in the expected price increase in the PLC.


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